Friday, January 13, 2012


2010 did a number on me.
Fell in love.
Found out I was more of a booty call then a boyfriend.
Started dating another girl who was better in almost every way.
Tried to to learn to be in love with her.
Got a life-threatening disease as a reaction to a vaccine.
Spent a week in the hospital.
Received irresponsible care.
Received poor follow-up care.
Went to Peru while still recovering.
Spent a few more months recovering.
Went back to work because I was bored.
Was still in pain nearly constantly.
The first girl passed away, no detectable cause.
Received more treatments, still in constant pain
Sung at Carnegie Hall with John Rutter.
Realized that I had come to love the second girl.
Realized that I still wasn't in love with her.
Despaired at my inability to learn to be in love.
Broke up.
Received more treatments.
Pain seems to be less, but still constant.
Spent Christmas at home with my family.

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